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DIY Ball Mill and Mining Ball Mill

Source:clirikb Posted:2016-10-07

Recently there has been a new vocabulary online, called "DIY ball mill", which is made by mechanical engineers or amateurs themselves for experimentation or validation. Next, let me introduce this particular ball mill:


1.Appearance of DIY Ball Mill


Surface of ball mill looks like ball mill in mining industry, but it is the miniature version of mining ball mill.


2.Circuit of DIY Ball Mill


220V three-speed AC motor + third gear switch + 30min mechanical timer of washing machine.


3.Power structure of DIY Ball Mill


motor, D-shaft to 2mm Couplings of the car, Two concentric small belt trays, Fine rubber band, Belt on the support shaft, rubber wheel, cylinder.


DIY Ball Mill


4.DIY Ball mill cylinder


DIY Ball mill cylinder is made from 110mm pipe and plug, and opening of side plug is affixed the plexiglass, which make us can observe the situation inside the barrel, and when the accidental combustion of pharmaceuticals occurs, it can burst ahead of time to damage the sealed environment to suppress deflagration, which reduce the damage to the surrounding. It is worth mentioning that protrusion in the bottom of the plug just plays a limiting role.


5.Skeleton of DIY Ball Mill


Skeleton materials are TB ice cream bar, and in the shaft connection it is embedded ball bearings. They are all used with epoxy bonding.


The following figure is magic DIY Ball Mill, of course, it can be said that this personality and lovely DIY ball mill is used to servie for mining ball mill, no matter in doing experiments or validating some hypothetical ideas and results. However, if you need practical equipment, you still require mining ball mill.


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