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Some Factors Affecting Yield of Sand Making Machine

Source:clirikd Posted:2015-12-30
For today various models of various functions sand making equipment on the market, apart from the basic understanding of the role of these devices, for some common problem, how much do we get to know? Let us to introduce the factors to affect the sand making machine capacity. 
First, the first factor is composed of sand processing material, for example, impurities in the material being processed, or some of the more fine dust, and then transport these dust process, are particularly vulnerable to stick inside the sand making machine, which will affect the production and quality of the equipment.
Second, the performance of the material will also affect the yield and quality of products. For example, if the material is relatively high humidity, will be prone to adhere to, the more the hardness is too high would Sand cavity cause some friction, which will not only affect the yield of production, also affect the quality of the equipment .
The third point is mainly reflected in the operating practices of some of our operators, for example, give the master for the material is not good, especially excessive or too small, it will affect the production yield of Sand making mschine, including the time of convergence did not grasp a good time, it will also affect the yield.
Of course, there on the other hand, if our operators, not strictly in accordance with the regulations in the course of operation, can also affect the production yield and quality of the sand making machine.
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