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Russian Customers’ Visit Delivers the Sign of Long-term Friendly Cooperation Relationship

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-08-21

When it comes to who is the best friend for China, there is no doubt that it is Russia. Last month namely July 5th, our president Xi has visited Russia for national affairs, which is highly concerned to the whole Russian society. Russia and China has always kept a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, we always try to promote further economic cooperation. This month we are honored to have Russian customers to visit our company. Although it is about grinding mill trade, it can greatly reflect the friendship between our two countries.


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There is an Old Chinese saying from our great philosopher Confucius, “Is it a delight to have friends coming from afar?” When friends coming from afar, we will be delightful. Upon their arrival we will meet them in the airport. It may possibly be the first time for most of our customers to come to China. Naturally, we will arrange the best reception and exercise our hospitality.


On the road came back, we talked cheerfully and humorously. Upon their arrivals at our company, we show him fantastic grinding mill production working site around, take him to visit our amazing grinding mill showroom. Recently, our factory is planning to move in another better place, so the showroom may be a little messy. However the mess can not hide the spectacular scene of our grinding mill. They just grandly stand in our showroom like superb Transformers. Our Russian customers are very delightful and excited. We would like to see the smile in their faces for the reason it means half success in a trade when your customers feel satisfying about their visit. We are looking forward to their yes.


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As the professional manufacturer of Raymond mill, micro powder grinding mill, we have confidence to satisfy you, our distinguished customers. We will provide high qualified after sales service, which symbolizes the brand and ability. We pursue not only good quality products with reasonable price but also impeccable after sales service. If you want to know more about our grinding mill welcome to inquiry us.

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