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The Epitome of Successful Chinese Grinding Mill Manufacturers, Clirik

Source:clirikb Posted:2014-10-16

Clirik’s total turnover has reached 49 billion this year according to the report from the board of directors, indicating Clirik has stepped in the top 100 companies in China. As one of the most successful grinding mill manufacturer, steadily and firmly, Clirik strides forward better future sparing no effort with his own down-to-earth perseverance, staunch dedication and rich financial resources.

Lucky that Clirik met the new policy pushed forward by government which is opening trade door to the outer world, Clirik got the chance to do business with foreign countries freely as a leading pioneer company with special foreign trading right since the the reform and opening-up policy. Based on its nice name in domestic market, excellent product and comprehensive service, Clirik won the heart of a great number of global customers. Many customers came to China for a visit to Clirik factory, to confirm the strength of Clirik. And they all were warmly welcomed by the service department staffs for free as promised before. 
For example, John Wilson from America came to Shanghai, China last week, before that he left a message on our homepage As we know, when going abroad it might be a little difficult and troublesome as a foreigner. Our service man Ammy heard that at our homepage   and contacted John immediately by email and talked to him phone. John said he was going to China in two days for a inspection to Clirik and he was not sure which hotel is suitable to him, where to reserve a hotel and how to get to the factory. A serious problems made him anxious. Then, Ammy told him, “ Do not worry about that, friend, because Clirik had the experience in reception of hundred of foreign friends, all for free, ‘very good ’ was all the comments to our service. Last time when one of our customer went back to his home land, he even mailed us a pack of delicious homemade specialty food to us for thanks, I will never forget that,haha.” Hearing that,John felt kind of relieved and came even with some happiness. When arriving at Pudong Airport, at first glance to the airport, John found Ammy waiting outside in the cold wind with a striking big board writing ”Welcome to Clirik, John” in hand. Kind of moved, John walked to Ammy with a smile,”Nice to meet you Ammy, I’m John from America.” In no time Ammy recognized John and shook hands with him full of enthusiasm smiling.”So glad to meet you John, just have a rest first and then head to see the factory. No hurry. This long trip must be tiring, so I’ve reserved a comfortable hotel for you. Now get in the car with me and we will arrive there in fifteen minutes.”said Ammy. “Great, let’s go.” John replied...
clirik customer visit
Two days later, John with Ammy arrived in Clirik. Having observed and appreciated such huge splendid workshop of grinding mill, John was totally enchanted and persuaded. Roma was not built in one day. Constant success built up the skyscraper of Clirik. This company is full of confidence with too many years of concentration in grinding mill or grinding mill manufacturing, too much confirmation and praise from its beloved customers and too advanced technology that no company has the chance to outstrip even Clirik stops its pace in upgrading for years in China. Therefore, when our friend has a mind in bringing back a set of grinding mill home, we has the assurance our friend will choose the brand Clirik. Which factory in China produces the best grinding mill or grinding mill? Finding it in Clirik equals finding the right answer.
In accordance with the expectation from Clirik staff, John bought a set of medium size grinding mill, VSI Sand making machine. Satisfied and happy like when coming here two day ago, John went back with a cheerful frame of mind.”Clirik, see you later.”Thought John.
Above is just a short sketch of customer’s visit to Clirik. No wonder customers choose Clirik without any hesitation. Brilliant outstanding products and warm considering service are always irresistible to most customers. 
China now is developing fast in economy especially in the grinding mill manufacturing field. Thousands of industrial enterprises suddenly appear on the horizon and thousands of enterprises disappear in silence sinking into the bottom of the market ocean. After so many years of marketing experience, Clirik caught the essence of the market. This simple but true essence is the satisfaction of the customers is the final purpose of Clirik. 
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