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How do you want to spend Christmas?

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-12-12

How do you want to spend Christmas? I recommend three methods for you.

One, a luxurious Christmas. For example, you can go to a five-star hotel for one night. However, please prepare enough money, but also not afraid of others pit you. Not to mention a distant place, say our neighbor Tokyo, where there is a luxury hotel. There is a Diamond Presidential Suite on Christmas Eve in it, how much money one night do you know? 130,000, and not the yen, but dollars.
How do you want to spend Christmas?
Two, a quiet Christmas. If you do not want to spend too much money, then choose to stay at home. To be honest, romance has always been in a small area. However, liking quiet, does not mean to go extremes, like the French woman. More than 60 years old, this woman was living in Bourges, France. Because nostalgia for their own old house, the government arranged spacious new home for her, she don't go. Now, according to the transformation plan of the old city, the houses around are dismantled, the gas is broken, the phone is broken, and she just does not move. The stubborn woman said she wanted to stay here for Christmas. Just do not know, will someone come to accompany her?
How do you want to spend Christmas?
Three, a lively Christmas. Speaking of lively, I'm afraid we can't be compared with Argentina. From now on, in the night of Buenos Aires, it has become the sea of music. Hundreds of thousands of people in the capital take take to the streets and started a graceful tango. You know, on the 11th of this month is Argentina's national tango day, this traditional program is from 1932, will last until Christmas.
How do you want to spend Christmas?
There is no good or bad way to go holiday. My point is: as long as happy in heart, every day is a holiday.
All Stuff of Shanghai Clirik wish you happy on 2017 Christmas!
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