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Celebrate Children's Day-Clirik Machinery

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-06-01
Today is June 1st,2021--Children's Day, A small celebration was held inside the clirik company.

The competition programs are full of childishness, and the prizes prepared are also full of childhood memories. Although it was a small activity, the enthusiasm was far beyond expectations, and everyone enjoyed it. Let the adults living in the office building find the joy of childhood in the fast-paced life.

CLIRIK also wishes everyone to always maintain a childlike innocence, be curious about the world, enjoy simple pleasures, and not lose our sense of life as we grow up.

CLIRIK company upholds the concept of real work and happy life. Only in this way can we devote ourselves to make the best products and serve every customer with a relaxed and happy mood.
Children's Day-Shanghai Clirik Machinery
Children's Day-Clirik Machinery
Clirik Children's Day activities
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