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Denmark customer visit Clirik for perlite powder grinding mill

Source:clirikd Posted:2015-05-13

Denmark customer visit Clirik for perlite powder grinding mill on May 12th, 2015.

Expanded perlite is a natural acidic glassy lava nonmetallic minerals, including perlite, turpentine rock and obsidian, but three different crystal water content. Because of its volume at 1000 ~ 1300 high temperature rapid expansion of 4 to 30 times, it is referred to as expanded perlite. General requirements for expansion times> 7 to 10 times (obsidian> 3 times available), about 70% of silica. Both open pit mining.

Perlite powder can be used as a filter, catalysts, molecular sieve and a carrier rubber, fertilizers, pesticides. Widely used in construction, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, light industry, water and electricity, casting, medicine, food, agriculture, forestry and other horticultural sectors. Normal temperature thermal conductivity 0.0245 ~ 0.048W / (m · K), high-temperature thermal conductivity of 0.058 ~ 0.175W / (m · K), low thermal conductivity of 0.028 ~ 0.038W / (m · K), maximum temperature 800 , perlite powder also used as efficient insulation, cold filler material.


This Denmark customer need process perlite into more than 1500 mesh and for 2 tph. Our sales Andy charge this case and recommend our HGM100 powder grinding mill. We expect the soon cooperation on the perlite powder grinding mill case and wish this project a big success and bring great profit to our customer.


Shanghai Clirk Machinery, devoted to grinding mill filed. We thank you for your trust and attention. 

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