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Shanghai Clirik re-adjust the sales engineer assignments

Source:clirikd Posted:2015-03-26

According to our company recent years’ experience, to expand our market, from the beginning of 2014, Clirk board began to re-plan the distribution and work area of our sales engineers. For the domestic market, from the first half of 2014, Clirik have bought several cars for the sales engineer drive to the remote customer factory, and also made the corresponding investigation grinding mill use, crusher use and other equipment using condition.

In later 2014, there are more sales engineer have joined in the outreach team. This not only publicize Clirik company and its products, but also expand our sales market, communicate with the users face to face, and get to know the practical need of users and the problems they need to solve. The sales engineers have a better understanding on the grinding mill and other equipment, so it will be relatively smoothly to communicate with users. In addition, the sales engineer can explain the problems quite clear and the users do not need to conduct site visits.

This year, Clirik company has increased its investment in sales agent, after-sales team, R&D team. Due to the scattered users in mining equipment, and most of them are in mountain area, the company also is equipped with a special service dedicated vehicle. For the problems of grinding mill and other equipment raised by users, engineers can be get to the site and resolved quickly on the user site, a lot of convenience for the user.

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For such adjustment and assignment, the leadership of Clirik has also made a very careful consideration, the overall aim is to expand the sales market, solve the customers’ problems on time, advance the equipment and make the equipment performance better and better. 

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