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Which mill to choose for processing 400 mesh glass powder?

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-05-20

Brief introduction of 400 mesh glass powder production line project

  • 1. Project introduction: Mr. Li, processing glass, 80-400 mesh
  • 2. Region: Jiangsu, China
  • 3. Visiting time:  May 18th, 2021
  • 4. Processing Material: glass
  • 5. Recommended machine: HGM80 glass powder micro grinding machine
  • 6. HGM80 micro grinding mill input size: less than 20mm
  • 7. HGM80 micro grinding machine output size: 74-5 microns (200-2500 mesh)
  • 8. HGM80 ultrafine grinding mill capacity: 0.5-5.5 t / h
  • 9. Working diameter: 800 mm
  • 10. Number of grinding rings: 3 layers
  • 11. Number of grinding rollers: 18-21pcs

400 mesh glass powder production line client

400 mesh glass powder production line client

What is glass powder

Glass powder is a scratch-resistant, easy-to-grind, high-transparent powder. It is mainly used as a crystal primer for high-end furniture, as well as a dual-purpose paint for the bottom surface of decoration.

Glass powder has extremely stable chemical properties, can effectively resist alkali and acid, and is a super weather-resistant powder decorative material with low expansion coefficient. Its surface is transparent, with small particle size, good dispersibility, high transparency, and excellent anti-settling effect.

And after the surface improvement, it can also have excellent affinity, strong steric hindrance, and can be more easily dispersed in the coating. After the film is formed, it can also increase the fullness of the coating. The crystal transparency primer made by it has very clear transparency and good scratch resistance.

The use of powdered glass:

  1. 1. Glass powder can be used to produce high-end furniture finishes, which have yellowing resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance and natural chalking resistance, which increase the wear resistance and folding resistance of the coating.
  2. 2. Glass powder can be used in the field of construction. When glass powder is added to concrete, it can improve the basic chemical properties of cement and make it durable.
  3. 3. Glass powder can be used to process pipelines, oxygen cylinders, glass fiber reinforced plastic helmets, handicrafts, etc., in industries such as railways, construction, aerospace, and advertising.

Glass powder grinding mill

HGM glass micro powder grinding mill machine
HGM glass micro powder grinding mill machine

HGM ultra-fine stone powder grinding machine is a common grinding equipment for grinding glass. The particle size of the finished product can be adjusted between 200-2500 mesh, which can basically meet the general demand for glass powder making. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd.'s HGM superfine mill has a processing capacity of 0.5-45t/h, please leave a message to get the latest quotation.
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