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Summarize 2014, plan on 2015

Source:clirikd Posted:2015-03-09

After half month Spring Festival holiday, all staffs from Clirik come back with full and new energy. After 1 week preparation time, Clirik annual meeting hold successfully on March 8th, 2015, Women’s Day. The theme of meeting is: summarize 2014, plan on 2015.

In the past 2014, the whole global economic situation is quite depressed, especially in the machinery field. Many mining investment project is delayed or given up. For the mining equipment field, most producers lost the money, income and expenditure imbalance. But Clirik still increased 4% compared with 2013. This success can not leave every department efforts. The marketing and sales department occupies larger and larger market; the research and design term development new grinding mill machines and improve the machine performance; the purchasing department decreases our cost, the after-sales department, etc.

Except for the great success, the shortcomings we also can not ignore, the late coming in the morning, low efficiency on working, etc. Realizing and overcoming these shortcomings, Clirik will be much better.

After the summarizing and planning, It is the time to have fun. Every department prepares 3 programs, tug-of-war to increase the cohesion, hot dancing, Magnificent chorus, professional comedy show, humorous dumb show, etc. That is really a visual and auditory feast.  


Also, our general manager, Mr. Zhang has awarded the gifts for all the female staffs on the Women’s day.

As one of Clirik family, we believe Clirik will be better and better in the new year. 

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