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Clirik attend at the 2nd World Calcium Carbonate Exchange Conference

Source:clirikb Posted:2021-04-12
On April 11th, the 2021 2nd World Calcium Carbonate Exchange Conference and Guangdong-Guangxi Regional Joint Development of Guangxi Fine Calcium Carbonate Industry Investment Promotion Conference was grandly held in Guangzhou Wanfu Hilton Hotel. Government leaders from various regions in Guangxi and carbon dioxide from all over the country Nearly 380 guests from more than 250 enterprises and institutions from calcium mines, processing plants, universities and scientific research institutes participated in the event.

This exchange will discuss the development direction of the world calcium carbonate industry, how to increase the output value of China's calcium carbonate production areas, and how the calcium carbonate processing plants can be environmentally friendly and increase the added value of products. Not only are the calcium carbonate production areas and the government concerned, but also It is the lifeblood of the future development of calcium carbonate mines and processing plants.

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