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Strength Decides Height: Welcome the President of Guangxi Calcium Carbonate Association to Come to V

Source:clirikb Posted:2019-07-13

Our customer Mr Tan came to our factory to visit yesterday. Mr Tan is the president of Guangxi Calcium Carbonate Association, this time, he came to our factory and our customer manager Zhang had served him.

first, manager Zhang showed him our showroom, in the showroom Manager Zhang mainly introduce him our CLUM vertical roller mill and HGM ultra fine grinding mill, both of them are good at ultra fine calcium carbonate powder grinding, however, there are also some difference between vertical roller mill and ultra fine grinding mill, for example, the powder fineness made by HGM ultra fine grinding mill can be adjusted between 300-2500 mesh, but vertical roller mill is mainly for 300-1500 mesh powder grinding.

clirik showroom

And then, in order to showed Mr Tan more details about our grinding mills, Manager Zhang led him to our working site, in the site Mr Tan can know more details about the vertical roller mill and ultra fine grinding mill. Take HGM ultra fine grinding mill as an example, the working principle of HGM ultra fine grinding mill is about grinding rollers and grinding rings continuous grinding between them, but how these parts works each other, in the working site, there is the semi-manufactured grinding mills, so Mr tan will know more about it.

clirik working site

This is the second time of other provinces president of calcium carbonate association come to visit our factory. As a professional calcium carbonate powder grinding mills manufacturer in China, we will try our best to service our customers. If you have any doubt about our grinding machines, you are welcome to contact with us by call phone +8618001642498(wechat/whatsapp)


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