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Clirik Tell You What's the "Dragon Boat Festival"

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-06-18

 Dragon Boat Festival

What Is China's Dragon Boat Festival?

It's a traditional festival full of traditions, maybe originating from dragon worship; an event on the sporting calendar; and a day of remembrance/worship for Qu Yuan, Wu Zixu, and Cao E.

The festival has long been a traditional holiday in China. 

On May 20th 2006 it was selected into the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage items. 

In 2008 it was first celebrated as a public holiday in China. 

On October 30th 2009 it was added to the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery is a professional grinding mill manufacturer, we are here, and the best wishes for all of you, "happy dragon boat festival!"

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