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Dragon Boat Festival Holiday, We are Also Busy for Customers

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-05-31

Time: May 26, 2017
Product: Clirik ultra fine mill
Account Manager: Liya

customer visit


Dragon Boat Festival is China's traditional festivals, and soon will soon usher in the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Of course, we Clirik small holiday in the Dragon Boat Festival did not idle, the day before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Liya is ushered in her customers.


This customer wants to come to understand our ultra fine grinding mill equipment, as a salesperson in charge, Liya very detailed to our products with the actual needs of customers, a detailed description. Won the praise of the customer.


Finally, hope our Clirik’s all the old and new friends, happy the Dragon Boat Festival.


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