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What is the Relationship Between Strawberry and Mining Mill?

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-04-25

Clirik is a positive, sunny, always full of positive energy team.


In a sunny afternoon, some small partners of Clirik set up a strawberry picking team. To experience the joy of harvest. We hold the small blue flag with Clirik logo. 30 minutes walk from the company to our destination. (In order to avoid advertising suspicion, we do not mention the name of strawberry park!)


After arriving at the destination, to participate in the activities of small partners is divided into two teams. Holding a small basket of strawberries in the strawberry garden. Strawberry red, of course, very sweet. Experience to know that the original strawberry picking is also a very hard work. However, at the same time, we also experienced the joy of receiving goods.


strawberry park


Of course, we come out to play, it will not forget the hard work of a small partner at home. We picked strawberries, almost all into their stomachs.


A happy day, but also a day of harvest. Hereby commemorate.


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