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Annual Meeting in 2017-Have the Courage to Challenge, Board the Peak!

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-02-17

On 15,Feb,2017, Annual Meeting of Shanghai Clirik is hold. All the members of the company participated in the event. Whole day's arrangements include physical training, teamwork training in daytime and evening gatherings. Extensive training includes relay race of 50 meters, rock climbing, high altitude challenge. Teamwork training includes crazy markets, the power of breathing and the construction of human walls. The evening party includes dinner, singing, dancing, and awarding for excellent staff during daytime.


This day is an important day for Clirik People, because it is a farewell to the 2016 years that has passed, and beginning of the new work and life of 2017. Daytime training make us more deeply understand the importance of teamwork and feel the natural feelings between each person. In the training we support each other, help each other, seems to  become a family. At the same time each of us overcome our own fear to challenge the limit. After you overcome the moment of fear,  You will find if you try again at the crucial moment, you can complete somethings which you think you can't. In short, the experience of the daytime makes us benefit a lot. Finally, the coach gave us a graduation certificate for outreach training, and Zhang delivered a speech to end our training.



In the evening party, we enjoy eating and drinking, all show our greatest enthusiasm and vitality. I saw the love from everyone, to work, to life, with each other.


The theme of the 2017 annual meeting is Having the Courage to Challenge, Boarding the Peak! This is not just our excellent performance in the rock climbing project, but also in our future work, we will give us greater challenges, higher goals to enhance ourselves, help others, and creat new glory for our company! 

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