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Clirik Wishes You Have A Happy Winter Solstice

Source:clirikb Posted:2016-12-22

Winter solstice, is a major solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar. And it is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation too. The winter solstice commonly be called number nine. It is the first developed in the 24 solar terms. The winter solstice of 2016 is December 21. Winter solstice is commonly known as the number nine. On this day, most of the Chinese people will eat dumplings.

This morning there are many clirik employees has spent this wonderful day together. Of course, the joy of family members is self-evident, and even dumplings on the way spontaneously held a dumplings game. At noon, they eat dumplings which their own package, all feel very happy.


Winter Solstice


Of course, in such a happy day. Clirik also wishes all the exotic friends, happy Winter Solstice!.

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