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Shanghai Clirik wish you enjoy your Halloween!

Source:clirikb Posted:2016-11-01
Halloween is also known as All Saints' Day,which is in November 1 of annual. It is the traditional Western festival, and Halloween on October 31 is the most lively moment of this festival. In Chinese, Halloween is falsely translated as All Saints' Day.
To celebrate the arrival of Halloween, children will be dressed as a variety of cute ghosts to knock door-to-door to request for candy, otherwise it will mischief. At the same time, according to legend in this night, all kinds of ghosts will be dressed as children into the crowd together to celebrate the advent of Halloween. In order to make ghosts more harmonious, people only are dressed up as a variety of ghosts. 
Halloween activities were originally very simple, and most of them are in the church. But throughout Europe, Halloween is seen as a good opportunity to play, tell ghost stories, and frighten each other. So people no longer use this festival to praise the fall, but let it become a strange, witch and ghost festival. 
The most popular game on Halloween is "Bite Apple." In the game, people let the apple float in the basin filled with water, and then let the children bite the apple without using the hands. Who is the first to bite, who is the winner.
Chinese traditional Hungry Ghost Festival is similar to the Western Halloween. In the Halloween or Hungry Ghost Festival, people even many criminals are taboo a lot of things, to avoid encounter bad luck. 


Shanghai Clirik wish you enjoy your Halloween!
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