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Training Activity of Fire Safety in Shanghai Clirik Machinery

Source:clirikb Posted:2016-06-07
Ten o'clock yesterday, we were organized by company to participate in training activity of Fire Safety. Training teacher is Mr Yang. He said, first of all, you should have fire awareness. Second, You must master the knowledge of fire. Third, na matter in office or at home, you must be equipped firefighting tools, including dedicated flashlight, fire blankets, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, gas alarms and gas mask. In recent years, there are too many fires, which caused countless casualties. So we should be careful to do not only use anti-theft doors and windows to protect our property, but also and more important to use the necessary tools to protect our own life safety.

training activity of VCH

Teacher Yang’s patiently explanation makes us deeply conscious that people's awareness on fire is too weak. They always think that fire is far away from them. In fact it’s not, because maybe a bad habit one day will bring you disaster. For example, our young people are always on the phone and receive calls when charging, or when we turn off the computer, we do not turn off the router, and so on.

The significance of this article is not just record the training process, but to share with everyone, including the domestic and foreign friends. I hope you take necessary safety measures in your company and home, and timely study of fire safety knowledge.
Thanks for our company organizing the training for us, and we finally wish everyone away from the fire, safely for lifetime!
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