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Sudan Customers Visit Clirik For Coarse Powder Hammer Mill

Source:clirika Posted:2016-05-04

As a professional grinding mill and crusher manufacturer,Clirik receive the customers from different countries everyday,Especially in recent days,several customers come here in a day.And a salesman receives multiple clients,but you know,as a large-scale manufacturer with production and sales,we can also receive as usual,even if several more customers come here.

Sudan Customers Visit Clirik For Coarse Powder Hammer Mill

We received five waves of customers yesterday,two of which went to Zhangjiagang to visit the scene of micro powder production line.And another customer arrived here the day before yesterday evening,our salesman found the hotel for him at night,took him to our company yesterday morning,and lead him to visit our company.

The customer who comes from Sudan visited to inspect our Coarse Powder Hammer Mill.His material is Quartz and limestone,whose fineness is between fifty and sixty mm.They required the output is between zero to two mm,and the capacity is ten to fifteen t/h.Knowing all of that,our salesman introduced the working principle and the advantages of our European Hammer Crusher.The customers are very pleased with our service,and took photos with us.

After looking our crusher,the customer was intrested in our grinding mill in the exhibition hall,so our salesman introduced HGM100 micro powder grinding mill,which can be used with European Hammer Crusher,for him.The customer was very satisfied in that.

Through comparing several purchase programs,the customer ordered an European Hammer crusher,and decided whether to buy our HGM100 Micro Powder Grinding Mill after talking with his boss to maximize interests.and We are waiting for his further message.


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