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Difference between Vertical mill and Raymond mill

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-01-22

Vertical mills and Raymond mills are similar "standing work", they are quite different from horizontal mills. Strictly speaking, Raymond mill is a vertical mill, but they are also different, and the production time is not the same, the internal structure is not the same, so as the fineness of the grinding range, and the applicable industry is slightly different .

1. Suitable customers are different, the price is different
There are differences between used environment of Raymond mill and vertical mill. Raymond mill is mainly for small and medium enterprises, models and weights are relatively diverse, the price is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, while the vertical mill is mainly suitable for large enterprises, the weight and size are relatively large, price of the smallest one is dozens Million. 
Difference between Vertical mill and Raymond mill
2. The internal structure is different
Vertical mill is similar in appearance to the Raymond mills, but their internal structure is different so they work slightly differently. Running, vertical mill roller position is fixed after the adjustment, the roller itself is like a pinion to do the rotation movement, there is no direct contact with the disc, the bottom of the disc has been rotated, the roller and the mill gap in the material Rolling grinding. Inspection and maintenance, vertical mill roller can be released through the lever bracket. The internal structure of the Raymond mill and vertical mill vary greatly, Raymond mill spring plum rack mounted 5,6 uniform distribution of the roller, the roller around the central axis to do circular motion, the bottom of the blade raised The material is fed between the grinding roller and the side wall grinding ring. Raymond mill ring is fixed, it is the side wall of the mill.
Difference between Vertical mill and Raymond mill
3. Different grinding fineness range
Raymond mill has a long history, the grinding range of particle size is a bit coarse, adjusted between 30-325mesh; Vertical mill technology age is more recent, it is based on the Raymond mill, after technical improvements, particle grinding range will be finer, 325-3000mesh, and it owns drying system, reducing the moisture content of the material.
4. The application industry is slightly different
Raymond Mill and Vertical Mill has quite high market utilization, the application of the industry is more similar, such as metallurgy, building materials, cement, chemicals, refractory materials, pharmaceuticals, mine crushing mill. Vertical mill is more suitable for large-scale professional industries, such as cement and non-metallic mineral industry. Vertical mill comes with drying function, high cost performance in similar equipment; Raymond mill is traditional mill, the first mill, the quality is stable, more reassuring.
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