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Avoiding High Temperature Working Environment Clirik Grinding Mill Reminds You

Source:clirikb Posted:2019-07-22

In the past two weeks, Shanghai has a watery weather, almost rains everyday, but according to the weather forecast, in the next period of time, Shanghai will enter the “sunny day model”, that’s mean the weather will get hotter and hotter. For our human, the hot weather makes us uncomfortable, everything surrounding are watery, and for machines, for example the grinding mill, it’s also not a good thing. Too hot weather will damage the grinding mill in many different ways, such as vibrating, noise and so on. And these problems will affect the grinding mill normal working. However, how to avoid the high temperature bring effects of the grinding mills? Clirik will share some tips with you.


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In general speaking, the grinding mill usually has two working sites, indoors and outdoors, because of the different work site of grinding mill, reducing temperature methods will have some difference.


First, reducing grinding mill temperature at indoors works sites


Although, the grinding mill working at a indoor site avoiding the direct sunlight, there is also a high temperature in the indoor environment. But we can use physical methods, for example install fan, air conditioner, these methods can reduce the indoor site temperature well and ensure the grinding mill body cooler.


Second, reducing grinding mill temperature at outdoor work sites


Generally speaking, grinding mill is mainly used in stone powder production line, because there is no enough area to place such large size production line, some stone powder producer will set the stone powder production line at a outdoor site. But don’t worry, we also use some methods to reduce the outdoor temperature.

1.Build a shade for grinding mill to avoid the direct sunlight;

2.Change the grinding mill work time, for example, you can use grinding mill to process powder in the cooler time of the day, because our grinding mill is PLC control, so don’t worry it’s can cause a larger waste;

3.Sprinkle water around the grinding mill machines, the water evaporation takes away excess heat, it also can reduce the temperature of grinding mill outdoor work site.


Finally, when grinding mill at works we should take care


1.Clean up the oil and dust residue on the grinding mill body in time, always keep the grinding mill clean;

2.In order to make the grinding mill running smoothly, we need to add lubricating oil on the grinding mill grinding parts in time too;

3.Check the grinding parts on time and replace the damaged grinding parts;

4.Place fire extinguishers around the grinding mill to prevent accidents.


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Summer is the hottest season in the year, no matter the grinding mill machines, we also need to take care our healthy too. Clirik, a professional grinding mill manufacturers in China, has devoted into the grinding mills R&D and manufacturing for more than 20 years, any question about our grinding mills machines, you are welcome to leave your message on our website, our engineers will answer your questions. Thanks for your reading.



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