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Fly Ash Powder Processing Line To Thailand

Product: 7 micron Fly Ash Powder Processing Line
Raw Material: Fly Ash
Client: Samart
Date: Feb, 2014
Construction Site: Thailand

Project profile

Client's Requirement

1.Two raw material Silo feeding,

2.The final powder send into the final silo for truck


3. The finished size: 7 micron, Capacity: 1.5-2 t/h



Screw Conveyor as the feeding parts, 2 sets HGM125+ Air conveying System


Solution Information:

The frequency screw conveyor is suitable to feed the powder matieral evenly.

Two sets HGM125 can process the fly ash into  ultrfine powder (10-6 micron).

The air conveying system is widely used to troansport the powder. Which is sealed system, avoiding the pwoder release into the work area, and also easy to match the work project. 


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